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Camille Sullivan           CAEA/ACTRA/UBCP

Skills:Yoga, Boxing, Kickboxing, Ice Skating, Swimming, French, Swing Dancing, Stage Combat
Awards & Accolades:*Leo Award Nominee **Leo Award Winner *** Gemini Nominee ∆ UBCP/ACTRA Award Winner


VICTORY SQUARE** (short)LeadJacquie Gould    DAY TO NIGHTLeadCaper Films/Simon Davidson
DEAD RISING: ENDGAMESupportingLegendary Films/Pat Williams
UNSEENLeadGeoff Redknap
BURGHERS OF VANCOUVER (short) LeadDenys Arcand & Adad Hannah
THE BIRDWATCHER ∆ LeadSiobhan Devine
THE ORCHARD (shortLeadDarcy VanPoelgeest
THE FROZENLeadSturla Gunnarsson
THE MARINE: HOMEFRONTSupporting20th Century Fox/Scott Wiper
SISTERS & BROTHERS*Lead Raven West Films/Carl Bessai
THE TRAVELER LeadParamount/Michael Oblowitz
FATHERS & SONSCameoRaven West Films/Carl Bessai
MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS*Lead Raven West Films/Carl Bessai
NORMAL ** LeadMongrel Media/Carl Bessai
MOUNT PLEASANT Lead L’Etranger Film Prods/Ross Weber
A PROBLEM WITH FEARLead Burns Film/Gary Burns
ROOM* LeadIndependent/Cameron Labine

Television Movies

JONBENETLeadLifetime/Jason Lapeyre
THE GOURMET DETECTIVE "Death al Dente"LeadHallmark/Terry Ingram
GOBLINLeadSciFi/Jeffrey Lando
ICE TWISTERSLead Insight Films/Cinetel Films/S.R. Monroe
TROGLODYTELead    Insight Films/Paul Ziller
THE LAST MONTHLead    Dark Protocol Prods. Inc/Paul Schneider
DARK STORMLead    Insight/Sci-Fi/Jason Bourque

TELEVISION SERIES (selected credits)

THE DISAPPEARANCE (Mini-series)LeadCTV/NBCUni/Peter Stebbings
MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLERecurringAmazon/Various
PROOFGuest Star TNT/Steve Shill
PLAYEDGuest StarCTV/Paul Fox
MOTIVEGuest Star    Sturla Gunnarsson
RED WIDOW    Recurring    ABC/Various
FALLING SKIES    Guest Star    Dreamworks/Michael Katleman
SECRET CIRCLE    Guest Star    CW/Dave Barrett
COMBAT HOSPITAL    Guest Star    ABC/SHAW/Helen Shaver
FLASHPOINT    Guest Star    CTV/CBS/Brett Sullivan
THE KILLING    Guest Star    AMC/Brad Anderson
HELLCATS    Recurring Guest Star    CW/ Various
ALCATRAZ (Pilot)    Guest Star    FOX/ Bad Robot/Danny Cannon
ROOKIE BLUE    Recurring Guest Star    ABC/Global/Various
FAIRLY LEGAL    Guest Star    USA/ Anton Cropper
STARGATE UNIVERSE    Guest Star    SYFY/Will Waring
SHATTERED***    Series Regular    Global/Various
MISTRESSES (Pilot)    Series Regular    Lifetime/FOX 21/Sergio Mimica
INTELLIGENCE***    Series Regular    CBC/Various
REUNION    Recurring    FOX/Rick Rosenthal
DAVINCI’S INQUEST: 3 Seasons    Recurring    CBC/Chris Haddock/Various
TAKEN: Various – 5 episodes    Recurring    Sci-Fi Channel/Various
DARK ANGEL    Guest Star    FOX/David Grossman
BEYOND BELIEF    Guest Star    FOX/Steve Anker
BEGGARS & CHOOSERS   Recurring    Showtime/Various


SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO                   Deb    The Cavern/Tom Scholte
THE PLASTIC PROJECT 2                   Barbara/Chorus    Frederic Wood Theatre/Neil Cadger
THE FORCED MARRIAGE                  Dorimene    Frederic Wood Theatre/Neil Cadger
A LIE OF THE MIND                  Beth    Frederic Wood Theatre/Stephen Malloy
THE PLASTIC PROJECT                  Barbara    Frederic Wood Theatre/Neil Cadger
ANTIGONE                  Antigone    Frederic Wood Theatre/John Wright
ANDY WARHOL EXHIBITION                  Edie Sedgewick    Vancouver Art Gallery